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SmartCluster VPN V3: remote device management platform

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Product Summary

The SmartCluster VPN Remote Access platform makes remote management simple and unambiguous. With SmartCluster you have VPN Access to your remote machines and devices without complex VPN configuration. Thanks to smart authorization, you connect the right (field) employees to the right (LAN) networks without time-consuming portforwarding or firewall settings. You generate a remote engineer within 3 minutes. Mobile 2G/3G/4G routers and/or LAN-to-LAN routers connect directly to the central SmartCluster via VPN. Nothing needs to be changed on the local networks. In addition, your remote devices are directly accessible on their own (virtual) IP address. SNMP monitoring of the underlying machines in the LAN is optional. You can access your devices via PC, tablet, iPad, iPhone or Android device. For more information, visit us at

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