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SIGFOX module with 4 different interfaces

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Product Summary

Hose modules have SIGFOX certification and are manufactured in 4 possible configurations (module is still the same, but some parts on PCB is/is not mounted). Also each can be IP68 resistant. 1) WS868-Srmt – upper case S means, that module has 2 digital (zero potential, read contact) inputs, and can be used as a 2 independent counters, counting pulses at each input 2) WS868-sRmt – module is equiped with RS-485 interface, and can be used as a MBUS Master to collect data from connected MBUS slave and send a selected MBUS variables from MBUS message over Sigfox network 3) WS868-srMt – module is equiped with MBUS Master interface (capable to serve up to 2 slaves). As the previous case, module can ask slave for the MBUS data and send a selected MBUS variables over Sifgox network. 4) WS868-srmT – the same as “S” version, but extended with Thermometer, suitable for external use This module is another piece to fulfill the range of modules suitable for on-line monitoring and smart metering.

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