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IoT Performance Testing

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Product Summary

MIT-E Pf is the world’s first software built exclusively for performance, reliability, and scalability testing of IoT platforms and end-to-end solutions. Built by MachNation developers using a serverless architecture, MIT-E Pf verifies platform performance up to 10 million IoT devices and 1 million IoT messages per second. MIT-E Pf makes it easy to test IoT data ingestion, digital twin performance, FOTA/SOTA workflows, complex event processing, IoT analytics, and more. MIT-E Pf supports testing over MQTT, HTTPS, WebSocket, LwM2M, and other protocols to provide quantitative insights of IoT solutions. MIT-E Pf is (1) purpose-built to handle all IoT workflows, (2) serverless, scalable, and API-based, (3) template-driven for fast testing, (4) pre-configured with rich analytics and flexible output, and (5) operated by MachNation experts for speedy deployment.

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