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ID Card for Employee Tracking

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Product Summary

QuicSolv’s Smart Id is the one-stop solution you’ve been looking for! It will take care of real-time tracking or manpower related compliance, monitor real-time situations on the floor, and ensure productivity as well as safety of the workforce at the job. A smart ID card forms the heart of the solution. It is ergonomically designed to shape and fit in as an identity card. Every employee would be provided with this smart id card. There would be Smart Relays and Gateways fitted within the workplace premises. These gateways relay the information from the id card along with the location information to the central server. The central server acts as the coordinating central brain. It receives the inputs from these gateways to apply intelligence on top of it to come up with the measures for tracking the workplace. To know more visit https://www.quicsolv.com/internet-of-things/employee-monitoring-software/real-time-tracking-using-rtls/

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