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Aptilo Zero-touch Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity™ (Zero-touch)

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Product Summary

Video: Onboarding of Wi-Fi IoT devices require endless manual labor to onboard every device. And you must repeat this when, for instance, you change the Wi-Fi network’s security key. Aptilo Zero-touch provides automatic and secure onboarding of IoT devices to the Wi-Fi network, using the certificate that already exists for identification with IoT platforms such as AWS IoT Core. Forget the manual onboarding. The devices will just securely fly on to the Wi-Fi network when they are switched on for the first time and continue to do so for every connection. This is a game changer, delivered as a service, that makes Wi-Fi IoT scale. Through the integration with the IoT platform, we can also verify if the device is active and collect input to form connectivity policies. The enterprise remains in control, but the service is seamless and secure. Security is granted through EAP-TLS authentication with the Wi-Fi network encrypted over the air using 802.1x.

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