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AcnBEACON: BLE,diverse compatibility, programmable

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Product Summary

The acnBEACON is a free configurable BLE beacon with iBeacon & Eddystone compatibility. It is based on aconno’s ACN52832 Bluetooth 5 module and designed to deliver sufficient processing power with ultra-low power usage and long battery life. As a part of aconno settings (configurable via the Sensorics app), acnBEACON has the ability to configure a lot of parameters such as BLE radio TX power, advertisement period, advertisement duration, advertisement packets, BLE flags, etc. If needed, the type of beacon can be changed from iBeacon, Eddystone or other types of beacons. Each beacon comes with a premium battery and packed in a solid, highly durable casing. Use cases: Track and Trace your item, localize on premise/ in building. Indoor navigation and guidance (Airport, Museum, Fairs)- Asset tag, create a digital badge for your item. Communicate to/ with Smart Devices. In-Shop: provide customer information, coupons, offers. In-Store: attract attention to specific items.

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