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Powered by AI and IoT, Nordsense combines remote container monitoring, intelligent routing and fleet management to provide municipal officials with a single, affordable solution that keeps cities cleans and minimizes hauler fuel consumption, fleet maintenance costs and CO2 emissions. IoT Pods: Existing waste containers are equipped with a small sensor that measures their fill levels and many other data points. The small footprint and sophisticated sensor tech allows them to be placed in any bin, regardless of shape, size or their contents. Nordsense is first company to measure the fill levels in waste bins lined with plastic bags. HIGH ACCURACY 3D TOPOLOGY: Our optical sensor is equipped with a 256-pixel resolution, producing 3D depth maps of a bin's content. This dramatically increases sensor accuracy as it provides multiple reference points. Unlike ultrasonic sensors, which can't measure any object in the first 25-30cm, our POD has no such constraints.

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